Cruella in the office

I love strap-on play. There, I said it. Now, if you will excuse the pun, let’s allow this little tidbit about me to sink in. There is nothing interesting about that, in itself, other than it is probably unusual among the general population. Then again, how would any of us […]

Cruella deWinter checks in with her social networks

FetLife is a walled garden, teeming with individuals from the kink, fetish and BDSM communities. The list of topics, likes and dislikes that abound on FL is as endlessly variant as the minds and psyches of its members. In fact, just about the only thing one can safely claim all […]

Cruella and her cane

Five years ago, my primary and I stood on the spot where the sofa currently sits and looked around the empty plot we had recently purchased. We were imagining all the kinky fun we would have once we completed the construction of our home, the place where we hoped to […]

Cruella let's you into her secret

Submissives excel at focusing their energies on their dominants’ physical needs: they see to their dominants’ sexual satisfaction, make coffee to exacting standards, offer foot massages and run bubble baths. However, catering to the physical needs of your dominant is only half of your duty. So what should you, the […]

Cruella deWinter: Editor-in-Chief of yourLayeredLife

We would like to introduce our new Editor-in-chief, Cruella deWinter, who began her term part-time back in June but has now fully taken ownership of the direction of the yourLayeredLife media brand. Pansexual, eclectic and downright bossy, Cruella deWinter is an editor who stands out for her open-mindedness, creativity and […]

Image of a stack of magazines

Wow! We have taken some significant steps in the past few weeks and we are so much closer to publication now than we would have ever dared to believe last year. Firstly, we have been working hard to find a media partner that is a good fit for us, for our […]