The Cane and the Pear Tree

Coffee with Cruella Newsletter 2017-05-26 It occurs to me that I am currently thinking hard about sex education whilst babysitting a chicken in the oven. Real life is never straightforward. Hello there, darling. I have just made myself a hot double-shot espresso, which is my favourite way to drink coffee […]

Attract a dominant on social media

Is it possible for submissives on FetLife to attract a dominant without breaking out of role? Is there anything a submissive can do to stand out of the crowd? Let me offer you four tips right now that will make this happen. Take away message: Making your interactions engaging will […]

Newsletter: Coffee with Cruella deWinter

Hi there! I have my double-shot espresso freddo in my favourite coffee shop and I have promised myself that I will type this newsletter for only for as long as my coffee lasts. After all, you and I are on a little coffee date. Feel free to make yourself a […]

Cruella deWinter asked to pose for a picture

The trick with getting a Domme to pose for a picture is getting to know a little about them first. This can be a difficult skill for a new photographer to learn. We are the visual scribes of the group and we tend to stay quiet. We prefer to disappear […]

Cruella gets organized for 24/7 success

You may love to dominate your sub. You may get a lot of positive feedback on your flogging skills. And you may have even enjoyed loads of mind-blowing scenes together over the years, solidifying your status as a Dom/me Supreme. But something is missing.

The Red Easter Eggs of Cyprus

Red Eggs are used in Cyprus and the Greek islands to play a good luck game at Easter time. There are many overlapping stories about the red eggs that are used to play this game and, as with many of these traditions, the stories are rooted in the Greek Orthodox […]

chocolate brownie and vanilla cream

A few years ago, I decided I was not going to allow the kinky layer of my life to be obliterated by the avalanche of distractions that is daily life. However, as most of us will have worked out through years of trial and error, this is easier said than […]

LGBTQ+ Rainbow Flag

In Craic Dealer the comic genius Dara o’Briain delivers a line about how the jobs we all dream of having when we grow up are also ideal for sexual role play when we are adults, and cited as examples fire fighter or police officer, or at a push, baker. Probably […]

Athenian courtesan entertaining men in symposium

Feminists the world over would be shocked to realise that the original champions of women’s movement towards empowerment, had started out as slave girls that shagged their way to the top. I was aimlessly browsing through the World Wide Web last week, as one does when there are deadlines that […]

we-vibe internet connected sex toy

Yes, you have read that correctly. The term you didn’t know was missing from your life is: ‘teledildonics‘. According to The Register, Standard Innovation Corporation (or SIC, honestly I am *not* making this up!) has just agreed to a settlement in the order of $3.75m, following the lawsuit by two […]