Chastity play challenges in hot weather

Chastity Play Challenges and Coffee with Cruella

There are many chastity play challenges in the summer months on a hot Mediterranean island? Definitely a case of making hay while the sun does not shine!

Hi there,

We are having coffee at the office today. Help yourself to some coffee from the machine and grab a chair while I close some tabs on this laptop. Coffee-Boy often hints that my laptop would be much more comfortable with itself and its place in the world if I occasionally remembered to close some tabs.

The reasons are not entirely clear to me. Something to do with memory, I am sure – though open tabs help jog my memory, and surely the laptop memory is meant to serve mine and not the other way around? (It is possible that my assumption that everyone and everything in my service should bend to my will might not translate well in C++)

Feel free to clarify on the topic of laptop hygiene if you happen to be technical – I promise I will take it kindly. Sure, I could get an answer from Coffee-Boy, eventually. But they seem too deliciously nervous to elaborate and I feel that nervousness in a submissive is too beautiful to tamper with.

Coffee-Boy isn’t just responsible for closing the tabs on my laptop. They also make and serve me my coffee – though admittedly, one needn’t be technical to operate a DeLonghi coffee machine. Even I can manage it when there is nobody else in the office.

It’s still just about tolerable to drink hot coffee in the morning but another fortnight and bags of party ice will fill the freezer both at home and at the office, as I will be requiring Frappé coffee, or more likely, Espresso Freddo virtually every hour.

Chastity play challenges and a slave in heat

We are coming up to the end of May and there is no avoiding it now: We are currently averaging 30 degrees Celsius and will soon be hitting 40 degrees plus.

What does that mean in practical terms? When we are indoors we tend to minimize the full-enclosure fetwear; and summer clothes in the garden bring the risk of unintentional big reveals.

Added to that is the inconvenient fact that the steel bars of the chastity cage, get a little warmer than is entirely comfortable; there is a world of difference between toasty warm and, well, griddled. This is definitely the wrong kind of pain.

Then of course there is the issue of hygiene. Warm steel bars rubbing against sweaty skin will chafe. And the occurrence of yeast intrusions in hot humid weather rises with each degree. It is the definition of hot and bothered.

Is there any other reason chastity play and heat-waves don’t mix well?

So why is summer such a good time for chastity play challenges?


Our little island has naturally become a popular holiday destination for friends, some of whom are vanilla. Most of them will rent a villa near the beach or check into one of the many hotels. Maintaining a chaste lifestyle around people we go swimming with is not simple. And frankly, most of them didn’t consent to joining the game, so we don’t play around them.

Unlike any other kinky activity, such as flogging, chastity play is always humming in the background. A long-term lock-up is not a bedroom-only activity. The power shift is decisive, complex and it seeps into every part of every day. And that’s why chastity redefines an F/m relationship and transforms it completely.

We are big fans of chastity play here at Cruella Towers, and no wonder. Everything about chastity is thrilling as long as the time and conditions are available for you to engage properly. For instance:

  • one needs to supervise a submissive while he has a wash
  • one needs to maintain the tease and denial fun
  • one need to help a subbie navigate through the roller-coaster of hormonal and emotional changes that come with a long-term lock-up

And that’s just for starters.

Part of our 24/7 lifestyle is the comfort and confidence that spring from the knowledge that kink is integral to the relationship no matter what else is happening. Part of living a common-sense layered life is knowing when to pack some of the toys away for the summer months. Hence, we shall be minimising the chastity play challenges and going to ‘unlocked mode’ for the summer months.

Responses to last week’s QotW

Before I wrap this up I must say thank you darlings and let you know about the great responses to last week’s Question of the Week.

The most startling answer was from John who told us that:

“…the teacher told us we were free to leave as soon as we read the handout and he left the room. He clearly wanted no part of sharing this experience with us or fielding any follow up questions…”

Wowsers! That’s some way to deliver zero value messaging in the most disengaged way possible! Sorry to hear about that. Fingers crossed that those days are behind us all now!

Question of the Week

By the way, I’m curious. I insist you tell me a little about any chastity routine that you’re involved in.

  • Is a supervised wash important to you?

Feel free to tell us your story. We won’t judge. Use the comments section below!

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QotW: For chastity play, is a supervised wash important to you?

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Until next time…

I have got to run now darling. Somebody special to me is expecting to see some keys today. I wonder if I could squeeze an extra 24 hours out of it, just to see that beautiful look of desperation one last time.

Stay well, till next time,

Cruella deWinter

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