Sense of smell, scent and sexuality

Our sense of smell is elusive. And most people don’t really rate their sense of smell very highly or even particularly appreciate having it. A McCann Worldgroup study from 2011 showed that 53% of participants aged 16 to 22 would sooner give up their sense of smell than their laptops […]

Cruella deWinter flirting with a fan

Flirting is one of those delightful words that sound exactly as they feel. And what flirting feels like to me is rather like one’s first bite into a light, airy, sweetly bright French macaron. Humanity has allowed the etymology of this enchanting word to float away, adrift in the mists […]

Same sex marriage? It's a personal choice

Whenever I hear or read about people arguing the pros and cons of same sex marriage, the first thing that pops into my head is Charlie Brooker, many years ago, arguing that all marriage was same sex marriage because you ended up having the same sex for the rest of […]

Cruella and Kevin debate gender stereotypes

Gender stereotypes are bandied, tempers are frayed and the bonds of friendship are strained and yanked when Cruella, Alex, Coffee-Boy, Photo-Princess and Kevin the Goldfish head to the Caledonia Waterfalls. Soon arguments flare up: Can dastardly marketing officials really help bring gender stereotypes to question? Can Kevin swim upstream? And […]

Deep-fried balls of dough dipped in honey, anyone

And finally, yourLayeredLife is on holiday this week. Now obviously, I’m still typing this newsletter, so it might look as though I am working; but writing to me is pleasure first and foremost. Hello darling! The team has kidnapped me and dragged me to Nature.

Luscious red lipstick is the best way to prepare for loads of lovely romantic kissing

Kissing. So sweet. So innocent. So old-fashioned. Yet, once we go on to taste – literally and metaphorically – what sexual delights are on offer, kissing almost becomes perfunctory. At best an appetizer that leads to the entrée, rather than a pleasure worth lingering on for its own sake. This […]

Erotic humiliation can hide in the details

The appeal of erotic humiliation was not immediately obvious to me when I first started out on my path to kinky adventures. I have been brought up to be polite and considerate of other people’s feelings and I usually go to great lengths to protect the dignity of both friends […]

Feminists, keep cool and carry on!

How have shaven legs and feminism got themselves into such a tangle? It’s not a particularly useful question but that won’t stop many from seeing it as a hot topic. Hello Darling! Speaking of hot, I am hiding from a brutal heatwave in Costa Coffee’s air-conditioned humidity shelter. It’s 38C […]

Cruella deWinter enjoying Iced-Coffee and Latex fem-porn, which defies labelling sexuality

I’m going to argue against labelling sexuality. Everything comes with a label these days: watches, wine, even bananas. In most cases, the label brings nothing to the experience other than pre-conceptions. Human sexuality is just too complicated to admit labels. All you need to ask yourself is “does it work […]

Cruella deWinter and the LGBT Pride cake

A rather fierce sense of LGBT pride has been coursing through my veins all this week. Before you accuse me of arrogance, I should clarify that it is pride in someone else’s bravery: One of my oldest and closest friends has decided to come out to her friends and family. […]

Chastity play challenges in hot weather

There are many chastity play challenges in the summer months on a hot Mediterranean island? Definitely a case of making hay while the sun does not shine! Hi there, We are having coffee at the office today. Help yourself to some coffee from the machine and grab a chair while […]

Ssshhh! Your guide to kinky scene outing

Kinky scene outing? That’s the the last thing on your mind right now. You have only just joined the kinky community and all you want is to explore your fetishes and make new friends. I know you’ve been thinking about taking the plunge for a while; and now you’ve actually […]