Newsletter: Coffee with Cruella deWinter

Newsletter: Coffee with Cruella 2017-05-19

Hi there!

I have my double-shot espresso freddo in my favourite coffee shop and I have promised myself that I will type this newsletter for only for as long as my coffee lasts. After all, you and I are on a little coffee date. Feel free to make yourself a cup, and join me for a chat (If you are having tea instead, don’t tell me!). Continue reading

Cruella deWinter asked to pose for a picture

The Right Way to order a Domme to pose for a picture

The trick with getting a Domme to pose for a picture is getting to know a little about them first.

This can be a difficult skill for a new photographer to learn. We are the visual scribes of the group and we tend to stay quiet. We prefer to disappear into the background, devoted to the art of capturing moments unawares.

But, for a successful portrait, we need to take a step out of the silent scribe role, and likely a step out of our comfort zones.

Let me tell you how to take that step in a smart way, so you will capture a great portrait on every shoot. Continue reading

The Red Easter Eggs of Cyprus

Kinky Fun with Easter Eggs

Red Eggs are used in Cyprus and the Greek islands to play a good luck game at Easter time. There are many overlapping stories about the red eggs that are used to play this game and, as with many of these traditions, the stories are rooted in the Greek Orthodox church. Each of the islands has a different variant of these delightful stories and the symbolism behind the red eggs. The way these stories travel across the generations is fascinating to me – we need to remember that there has only been a reasonable level of numeracy and literacy in the Eastern Mediterranean islands for maybe 100 years.

We do not observe many of the Orthodox rituals here in Cruella Towers, but we do enjoy participating in some of the traditions and games, and cracking the red Easter eggs is one of my favourites. The game is fun to prepare for and we add a little spice to the game with our own kinky twist. Continue reading

Tidy up the toybag

D/s Tweaks: Whip Them into Shape

Just this once, I am referring to your whips, not your subbies. In an ideal kinky-verse we would all own stylishly laid out dungeons with soundproof black latex wallpaper on the walls and steel hooks on which to hang out whips and floggers, so their falls actually fall rather than twist themselves into spaghetti tangles. What most of us have instead is an overstuffed suitcase under the bed that we keep meaning to tidy up but rarely get round to it.  Continue reading

D/s Tweaks: The Accidental Vampire Look

You have taken time over your appearance, applied your foundation evenly, remembered to apply rouge and brushed on a double coat of mascara. You look impeccable! That is until the moment you smile. Then you realise your luscious red lipstick has smeared all over your front teeth giving you the sloppy vampire esthetic – perhaps not the effect you were originally aiming for. And count yourself lucky if what tipped you off was your mirror and not, for example, the horrified look on your play partner’s face.  Continue reading

chocolate brownie and vanilla cream

Kink Interference (Part 2): Coffee, cake and kink…

A few years ago, I decided I was not going to allow the kinky layer of my life to be obliterated by the avalanche of distractions that is daily life. However, as most of us will have worked out through years of trial and error, this is easier said than done. Complete compartmentalisation is impossible and shouldn’t even be attempted; even partially keeping our kink in a climate-controlled bubble can be quite difficult. I try and fail and try again, every single day.

But, though it’s easy for kink to get buried under a pile of grocery lists, tax forms and assorted bills, it is always there, both a thorn and a balm, nagging and tempting us the whole time. It is my experience that much like chocolate cravings, Star Trek lines and Twitterstorms, sooner or later, kink seeps into everything. And this is why the vanilla layers of my life, when not driving me up the wall, turn out to be an endless source of amusement to me. As Mary Poppins never said, a teaspoon of ‘kinking’ helps the ‘adulting’ go down.

Several incidents have stuck with me over the years, that illustrate perfectly this phenomenon, which I now refer to as “kink interference.”

Shall I have it whipped for you?

I try so hard to be a good daughter, honestly I do. I love my mum and she loves me, of this there is no doubt. But we have never really felt comfortable around each other. You could say we get on like a house on fire: feelings of suffocation, a moderate sense of panic and the fear that the ceiling might just collapse over our heads any minute now tend to form the unspoken undercurrent of most of our conversations. Continue reading

D/s Tweaks: Spring cleaning

Spring has truly sprung! Yes, it’s that time of year again. The birds are tweeting, the blossoms in my garden are opening up and waving at the sun each morning and, the clocks have changed by an hour, in the wrong direction. It is time for the semi-annual “big tidy” here in Cruella Towers! Use this natural opportunity to reset your home and playspace to a state of harmony for the coming months. Clear the day, dress your subbies up for housework and direct them to get your D/s Lifestyle in order… Continue reading